Spring Wishlist

Spring WishlistSunglasses  |  Bag  |  Cuff  |  Shoes  |  Top  |  Earrings  |  Belt  |  Dress

For some reason every autumn I can’t wait to pull out my old favorites, and every spring I can’t wait to buy new clothing.  Perhaps it’s because so much of the cold weather months’ fashion choices are geared towards practicality over posturing. Or, maybe it’s just because with “spring fever” comes a certain desire for newness. 

Or, maybe it’s just because it’s tax return season.

Regardless, after doing a superb job of not shopping during autumn and winter, I am ready to shop, people.



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If Money Were No Object: Christmas Wishlist

Opulent Christmas Gifts

Robe   |   Brooch   |   Ring   |   Sweater   |   Bag   |   Watch   |   Brush   |   Booties   |   Brush   |   Headphones   |   Coat   |   Sunglasses   |   Cape   |   Dress   |   Choker   |   Brushes

Practicality is not my strong suit.

Ask anyone who has ever seen me hauling around the airport a 50 pound suitcase for a 3-day weekend trip back to California.  I consider it far more convenient to travel across the continental United States than it is to haul all of my clothing five flights of stairs to the lavendería downstairs.

Taking my neurosis into consideration, and the fact that it’s the 23rd of December (so if you haven’t ordered online now you’re a little too late since most of the cut offs were yesterday for online shopping…)  I decided to do a *fun* Christmas wishlist post.



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Madame’s March Wishlist

bag open March is such an awkward month.

Even though it’s still practically the dead of Winter, stores are full of Spring clothing.  Every editor and blogger at fashion week is wearing the latest-and-greatest styles, but it’s just not realistic to do so in every day life without taping heating packs to your body.

What it really comes down to is that you’re stuck in that awkward transition phase where it’s too cold to go bare-legged, but too late in the season to be ultra-bundled up.  That coat you were ecstatic about in November?  It’s starting to look a little sad–Time to upgrade your style!

Right now is the perfect time to step back from your wardrobe and re-assess the status of your staples.  Do you have a solid base of pieces that can be worn regardless of season with a quick layering change?  Some things never go out of style—a great leather jacket, a white button up, or a classic red lip.  You’ll get more mileage out of a staple than an ultra trendy piece.

For March, I want pieces I can right now wear with tights, and without when the weather warms up.  I selected staple pieces to ground “now” pieces like this geometric a-line skirt, slip-on mules, and a leather bucket bag.  Plus, in my experience, you can’t go wrong with basic black and white.  It’s classic, with an edge.

march Sunglasses  //  Biker Jacket  //  Mules  //  Bucket Bag  //  Lip Pencil  //  Button Up  //  Skirt


Stay chic.



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