If Money Were No Object: Christmas Wishlist

Opulent Christmas Gifts

Robe   |   Brooch   |   Ring   |   Sweater   |   Bag   |   Watch   |   Brush   |   Booties   |   Brush   |   Headphones   |   Coat   |   Sunglasses   |   Cape   |   Dress   |   Choker   |   Brushes

Practicality is not my strong suit.

Ask anyone who has ever seen me hauling around the airport a 50 pound suitcase for a 3-day weekend trip back to California.  I consider it far more convenient to travel across the continental United States than it is to haul all of my clothing five flights of stairs to the lavendería downstairs.

Taking my neurosis into consideration, and the fact that it’s the 23rd of December (so if you haven’t ordered online now you’re a little too late since most of the cut offs were yesterday for online shopping…)  I decided to do a *fun* Christmas wishlist post.



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The Wine Lip

The Wine Lip

Who’s that lounging, in my chair?

wine lip

I hate to say it, but winter fashion can get a little boring.  When it’s cold outside, you don’t want to wake up, you especially don’t want to walk to the subway in the snow, and it becomes so easy to slip into your favorite cozy sweater and boots every-single-day-of-the-week.

This, my friends, is why God himself created lipstick.

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Just A Thought


Right now it is 16 degrees outside. (-9 degrees for all of my wonderful international followers.) I am sitting in a heated office on the 27th floor of a skyscraper in Times Square, drinking my morning grande latte from Starbucks. Meanwhile, there is a red banner on top of Weather.com (which many New Yorkers have, unfortunately, become familiar with over the course of the past 12 months) alerting viewers, “DEADLY COLD AFFECTS MILLIONS.”

Temperatures are now the lowest we have had in two years. To put things in perspective,—the average “low” in January is 27 degrees. Last night’s low was 13 degrees.

Consequently, there are over 110,000 people homeless in New York. Many of these individuals do not have the luxury of walls to protect them from the artic winds, or big down coats to keep themselves warm. Thankfully, around 48,000 of these homeless individuals have access to shelters each night.

However, where does that leave the other 62,000?

Although we are all in discomfort during our morning commute, and don’t feel like attending whatever social engagement we have scheduled during the evening because it’s too cold–it’s times like these that we should be the most grateful for what we have.

I’m quite possibly the greatest offender of being an ungrateful brat. I complain constantly that I can’t afford this dress, or those shoes, and never really reflect on how truly fortunate I am. I have a great job in a safe building, although my coat may not be this season’s Prada—I have a coat, I may not be able to chow down on Sushi Samba every night—but I have a pantry full of soup, and housing wise—I live right next to Jay-Z and Beyonce, for Christ’s sake. I have so much to be thankful for, and my little list doesn’t even include my awesome friends, or my extremely supportive and understanding family.

I know that no one’s life is ideal–we all have our tribulations and unfulfilled needs, but I do know that a majority of this blog’s followers are equally as fortunate as I am. (Y’all are reading this from your iPhones, aren’t you?) I really encourage everyone to take a second today to reflect on their life, and be grateful for what they have—and if you are no longer grateful for something, give it to someone else who would be.
Please think about those other 62,000 people this week, (20,000 of which are children) and what you can do to make a difference in their lives.


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