Go Fish!

To be completely honest, this outfit was 100% inspired by Carine Roitfeld’s feature from the September Issue of Harper’s Bazaar, “Unmistakable, Unforgettable, Always in Fashion: Icons.”  The spread featured Roitfeld’s styling of 16 fashion icons including Lady Gaga, Linda Evangelista, Lauren Hutton, Monica Bellucci, and many others.  Each woman is shot wearing a different designer, but they all having one thing in common—all 16 icons are wearing fishnets.

History of Fishnet Stockings

I’ve always been a big fan of both fishnet stockings and Carine Roitfeld, thus I was enthralled when I heard about the feature.  (Especially the image of Stephanie Seymour in an Azzedine Alaia bodysuit and corset belt.  That was everything.)  For the past month I’ve been inspired to actually try out fishnets in a “normal” look to see if I could pull them off.  However, I thought it would be rather ridiculous to wear them in 90 degree heat so I waited until it cooled down a bit.

I also began thinking about the significance of Roitfeld’s use of fishnets as “the link” tying her feature together.  Fishnets have had a strange social significance, appropriating different meanings throughout the decades, but always carrying an inherent sex appeal.

History of Fishnet Stockings

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The Five

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1. Madonna wears Ralph Lauren

The Queen wore a striking Ralph Lauren suit at yesterday’s 56th Grammy Awards.  Although the look received mixed reviews, I’m absolutely obsessed.  Madonna can do no wrong in my book, and this ensemble is just another glorious chapter.

2. Handsome Dick Manitoba Celebrates his 60th Birthday

Last Wednesday, the handsome one celebrated sixty years of life with a rocking celebration of epic proportions.  The event was held at Bowery Electric and featured performances from The Bullys, Threats, and of course–The Dictators.  The show was incredible.  

If you aren’t familiar with The Dictators yet, (if you’re reading this blog, you should be)  you can click here to get well acquainted.  Here’s to 60 more, HDM!

3. Chanel Haute Couture

Karl nails it again!  Chanel’s haute couture collection posited an  interesting exploration of the modern woman’s condition.  Blending tradition with irreverence, restraint with ease, transparency with solidity; the collection showcased a new brand of femininity–one that was free from the didactic rule of social convention.  In Lagerfeld’s world, it’s normal to wear fluorescent knee pads with your evening wear.

4. Derrick Coleman’s Letter to Deaf Fan

If you aren’t an NFL fan, you’re about to become one.

Remember Derrick Coleman, the deaf Seattle Seahawks player from the Duracell ads?  (Or, if you grew up with me… Derrick from the football team.)  Well–I could tell you how wonderful a person Derrick is, but his actions speak for themselves.  If you haven’t already read it, check out this letter he wrote to a young deaf Seahawks fan.

5. Balanchine’s “Jewels” at the NYC Ballet

When I think of the New York City Ballet, I automatically think of it’s co-founder and headmaster of 35 years, George Balanchine.  This weekend, I was thrilled to see my favorite of his original works– Jewels.  Deemed the first “plotless ballet” jewels provides a sensory and anamorphic experience, transporting the viewer to a world of fantastic color and opulence.  The show runs from now until May, so be sure to catch it while it’s here.


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