If Money Were No Object: Christmas Wishlist

Opulent Christmas Gifts

Robe   |   Brooch   |   Ring   |   Sweater   |   Bag   |   Watch   |   Brush   |   Booties   |   Brush   |   Headphones   |   Coat   |   Sunglasses   |   Cape   |   Dress   |   Choker   |   Brushes

Practicality is not my strong suit.

Ask anyone who has ever seen me hauling around the airport a 50 pound suitcase for a 3-day weekend trip back to California.  I consider it far more convenient to travel across the continental United States than it is to haul all of my clothing five flights of stairs to the lavendería downstairs.

Taking my neurosis into consideration, and the fact that it’s the 23rd of December (so if you haven’t ordered online now you’re a little too late since most of the cut offs were yesterday for online shopping…)  I decided to do a *fun* Christmas wishlist post.



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My Christmas Playlist

Alternative Rock Christmas Playlist


Merry Christmas Eve, y’all!

Since nothing screams holiday cheer quite like Dio’s rendition of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” I’ve created a playlist of some of my favorite rock renditions of Christmas songs.

Keep on scrolling to listen to (and download if you wish!) my playlist on Spotify



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Last Call For Christmas!

Pantera Holiday Sweater Christmas PresentSweater,  Pantera.   Denim,  Paige.  (20% off this weekend only with code STOCKUP!)   Heels,  Asos.   Hair,  Conair Infinity Pro Curl Secret– now $40 off on Amazon!

The tree is decorated, the cookies are baked, you’re wrapping presents and… you realized you forgot to buy your sister’s friend’s hairdresser a gift for that one time she trimmed your bangs.

It’s inevitable, these things happen.

However you’re left with two options— You can either drive 20 minutes to the mall, spend 30 minutes looking for parking, and then wait 45 minutes in line.

Or, you can order presents from the comfort of your own home while doing a load of laundry, or waiting for cookie to bake, and have them delivered and gift wrapped to your front door in two days.

Life doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our jam packed schedules it’s important to take advantage of everything modern technology has to offer. Plus, lots of stores offer free express shipping with a certain spend threshold this time of year.

To make it easier for you guys I’ve rounded up the big stores and their shipping deadlines for you, as well as some great gifting suggestions. My recommendation, if you’re running late, is to go to a one stop shop like these and stock up—you’ll only have to pay shipping once!



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Glamorous Gifts Under $100

Glamorous Gifts Under $100Glamorous Gifts Under $100
1. A festive nail polish set for $30   |   2.  The perfect sparkly earrings   |   3.  Words of wisdom in a present-ready print   |   4.  Any girl would love to find these Kate Spade socks her stocking   |   5.  My favorite mugs, and go to present for any occasion   |   6.  A prioritization pouch for that one friend who gets drunk and loses everything   |   7.  The Rolls Royce of lipsticks for the super fancy lady   |   8.  My favorite candles on earth   |   9.  The perfect under $20 gift for your fashionable friend   |   10.  A decanter for your sorority sister who recently decided to become a classy adult  |  11.  Who doesn’t love Bendels?

Thank God for online shopping.

And, no, I don’t mean that sarcastically.  I’m being serious.  If it wasn’t for two day delivery and $7 gift wrapping, the holidays would be a lot more hectic.

Luckily, I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping, but I still have a few more people on my list to buy for.  I wish I was one of those crafty people who could make really thoughtful gifts, but since I’m not, I like to buy fun smaller gifts for my friends.


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Home For The Holidays


I might be showing my age by saying this, but remember the opening scene of Almost Famous?  The movie starts with a car driving through the palm tree lined streets of suburban LA while the Chipmunks’ Christmas song is playing.

The reason I bring this up is because I never realized, until I rewatched that scene a few years ago, how absurd my Christmas memories must seem to a good majority of the northern hemisphere.  While most are cozied up by the fire place and watching the snow, I’m trying to be festive in a sweater while it’s 80 degrees outside.  One year it even hit 90 and I tried wearing a cashmere turtleneck and tweed skirt.

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A Very Merry KISSmas!

This past week was New York’s best party of the holiday season.

No.  I’m not referring to Santacon.

As tempting as running around in a blizzard for twelve hours, surrounded by aging frat guys trying to relive their glory years of binge drinking may sound to some NYC transplants—I had to pass this year.  (As I have every other.)

Instead, this year it’s all about Tommy London’s 2nd annual KISSmas party at Arlene’s Grocery!  If you were there, you know what I’m talking about.  If not, here’s the recap…


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