Bachelorette on Tybee Island

EDIT2Dress,  Asos.   Sunglasses,  Prada.   Bag,  Henri Bendel.   Sandals,  Asos.  (Similar here, and here.)

Well, this is embarrassingly long overdue!  However, I was recently promoted at my job and have been working on building a new department at work so that has been my top priority!

If you follow along on my Instagram and snapchat (username: madame_ostrich), you’ll know that I was in Savannah, Georgia for Belle’s bachelorette weekend the beginning of May!  It’s crazy that Belle’s wedding is only a week and a half away!

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Reflecting on The Women’s March

I raise up my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard

I wanted to share today some beautiful photos my dear friend Audrey Froggatt took of the Women’s March on NYC.  Although I was unable to attend due to a prior commitment, I have been so inspired by the stories and photos posted all over social media.

The real beauty of the event was that so many different causes inspired women to march, drawing in women from all walks of life.  Below is a meditation Audrey wrote reflecting her own experience.  It’s simple, yet poignant and powerful and I hope it inspires you.

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Ostrichgram Lately

madame ostrich instagram

I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool stuff lately!

Since things have been so fast paced, I haven’t been able to write about all of the things I’ve done in depth, but I’ve been documenting them on my Instagram.

If you follow me, (which you totally should…) this will be a bit of a recap.  However, if you’re new to MO, or not about that Insta life, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to…

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Supporting Dress For Success with Gotham Business Network

The Danbees, Carey Reilly, Kurt McVey, Paper Mag

Last night Gotham Business Network held their first annual Cocktail Party & Fashion Fundraiser at Maserati of Manhattan.  The event featured a fashion show, local designer showcases, and a silent auction supporting Dress for Success®, a non profit organization that provides disadvantaged women with professional attire, and the career development tools necessary to become self sufficient.

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Valentine’s Glamour


Do you remember those Victoria’s Secret ads that asked, “What is Sexy?”

VS might not be the best people to ask since their brand offers a very narrow depiction of what constitutes “sexy,” but they pose a good question nonetheless.

The interesting truth behind “What is Sexy?” is that there’s no “right” or “wrong” answer.  Just look at instagram and you’ll see a lot of different ideas of what it means to be “#hot” (since they rather inconveniently won’t let you use #sexy.)

For some “sexy” may mean six pack abs, quick wit, silky hair, glasses, or maybe even a special talent.  In this sense, sexiness is subjective—It can’t really be commodified since it’s a concept rather than a product.

The answer is as personal as an individual’s experiences, upbringing and cultural conditioning.  I mean, could you imagine if we all found the exact same thing attractive?  Humanity would cease to exist.

With Valentine’s Day coming up there’s not only a large focus on “romance,” but also self-appreciation.  Marketers push product aimed to customers feel beautiful such as Valentine’s Day themed lingerie sets, lipsticks, and perfumes.

Arguably, Valentine’s Day has become equally as much about indulging in what makes you feel beautiful as it is celebrating amorous love.

Taking this into consideration, it might be better to reword “What is Sexy?” into the following question, “What makes you feel the most confident and attractive?” 

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Skinny Is Still A Woman

Guest Post by Audrey Froggatt, NYC Fashion Photographer


"Skinny Is Still A Woman" by Audrey Froggatt

“Real” women come in all shapes and sizes:  Naturally slender, size 8, athletic, pear shaped, plus size and everything in between.

Curvy or straight; a woman is a woman.

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Appetite for Consumption

In case you didn’t already know—I also contribute a monthly online publication called FashionDecode.  If you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely check it out.  My extremely talented friend Faustina Rose (who is the magazine’s editor) always comes up with the most creative editorials and curates thought provoking stories.

Here is an excerpt of my most recent article for the November issue.  I hope you enjoy.


"Appetite for Consumption" shot by Audrey Froggatt for FashionDecode Magazine.


The only consistency within consumerism is the lack of consistency itself: as soon as you purchase one product, there will be another product that will debut to usurp the previous one’s “value.” 

Could it be that the allure of mega sales such as Black Friday rests more within the act of consumption itself, rather than the actual enjoyment of material objects?

Photography:  Audrey Froggatt,  Part Model:  Faustina Rose,  Producer:  Johnny Cassanova