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Urban Safari

At times it is hard to believe that some of the most iconic fashion photos were taken well over forty years ago.  Personally, I find it most difficult to fathom the time-gap when I look at the fashion of the late Sixties and early Seventies since that period’s styles, structures (denim, anyone?) and trends (we’re a little mod-happy this Spring) still continue to permeate our millennial Ready to Wear culture


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Just A Thought


Right now it is 16 degrees outside. (-9 degrees for all of my wonderful international followers.) I am sitting in a heated office on the 27th floor of a skyscraper in Times Square, drinking my morning grande latte from Starbucks. Meanwhile, there is a red banner on top of (which many New Yorkers have, unfortunately, become familiar with over the course of the past 12 months) alerting viewers, “DEADLY COLD AFFECTS MILLIONS.”

Temperatures are now the lowest we have had in two years. To put things in perspective,—the average “low” in January is 27 degrees. Last night’s low was 13 degrees.

Consequently, there are over 110,000 people homeless in New York. Many of these individuals do not have the luxury of walls to protect them from the artic winds, or big down coats to keep themselves warm. Thankfully, around 48,000 of these homeless individuals have access to shelters each night.

However, where does that leave the other 62,000?

Although we are all in discomfort during our morning commute, and don’t feel like attending whatever social engagement we have scheduled during the evening because it’s too cold–it’s times like these that we should be the most grateful for what we have.

I’m quite possibly the greatest offender of being an ungrateful brat. I complain constantly that I can’t afford this dress, or those shoes, and never really reflect on how truly fortunate I am. I have a great job in a safe building, although my coat may not be this season’s Prada—I have a coat, I may not be able to chow down on Sushi Samba every night—but I have a pantry full of soup, and housing wise—I live right next to Jay-Z and Beyonce, for Christ’s sake. I have so much to be thankful for, and my little list doesn’t even include my awesome friends, or my extremely supportive and understanding family.

I know that no one’s life is ideal–we all have our tribulations and unfulfilled needs, but I do know that a majority of this blog’s followers are equally as fortunate as I am. (Y’all are reading this from your iPhones, aren’t you?) I really encourage everyone to take a second today to reflect on their life, and be grateful for what they have—and if you are no longer grateful for something, give it to someone else who would be.
Please think about those other 62,000 people this week, (20,000 of which are children) and what you can do to make a difference in their lives.


Now Playing: “Heart of Gold” – Neil Young

Music Monday: VH1 Storytellers – Foo Fighters

And that night of the party I remember being so stoked—like, “I’m Darth Vader. You’re jealous.” I had the mask on–it was two pieces: it was the face thing, and then the helmet deal. And then I get to the keg party and I’m like–wait a minute…this is a keg party.

Dave Grohl

There are very few things on Earth that I love more than seeing my favorite bands perform live.  Being in the same room as your favorite artists, having them play a song you have heard so many times, and being surrounded by so many other people who love that song as much as you do is almost a transcendent experience–as if the soundtrack of your life is playing right in front of you.   In my personal opinion, it’s one of the purest feelings of joy I have experienced.

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The Week in Instagram: January 13th

They say a “picture’s worth a thousand words,” but when you’re a strange as my friends, it’s almost always necessary to provide a little bit of background information so your family members don’t judge you too harshly.
This is the week of January 13th in Instagram photos. Enjoy.


Tuesday: Very chipped @essie Neo Whimsical. Rings-h&m, black hills gold, Vale Jewelry. Cardigan @zara. #ootd #fml

I suppose that this is where the week really begins. If everyone wrote what they were thinking on their coffee cups, mornings in NYC would be much more peaceful.

Outfit: Jacket, Zara.  Rings: Vale Jewelry, Black Hills Gold (from Grandma), H&M (Worn here!)

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Dear Santa…

Did I say I would be posting this on Thursday?  Well, that didn’t work out.

I could plead my Fifth Amendment right to be fashionably late and not answer any questions.  However, since I pride myself on being such a good girl I will have you know that for the past two days I have been traveling all over the continental United States.

I am aware that you are a very powerful man who prefers flying private, so you  cannot comprehend exactly how exhausted I was after traveling for 6 ½ hours in cramped quarters from New York to Los Angeles—but surely travel delays are something you understand, especially inclement weather conditions.  (I hear the North Pole is hellish this time of year.)  Also, you must know, my failure to produce my Christmas List to you in a timely fashion can be attributed to my lack of sleep.  During my flight I could not get a wink of sleep since I was surrounded by a mass of screaming children on that plane.

Santa, you must give me credit for being so good.  I didn’t say a word, not even a whisper of distaste towards the crying children.  You will also be proud to know that I did not even judge the family at security with the screaming toddler who refused to remove her ladybug rain boots, or the child’s mom with her stereotypical bob, ill fitting jeans, and inability to seem to comprehend that her garish taste in shoes was inconveniencing the twenty-some-odd other people in the line.

Really—I did not utter anything, not even a peep!  Nor did I shoot one of those masterful combinations of a glare mixed with an eye-roll that has taken over a decade to perfect.

…And all of this happened after I had such a stressful week!

You should really be proud at how far I’ve come from last year—I have really mellowed.  (I just began a sentence with the word “And,” and did not edit it out later.  I am that relaxed.)

However, you know why I am writing you, Santa:  It is time for my yearly review.  I am sure that you already have some nice gifts picked out for me, (and I am ever-so-grateful you tipped my boyfriend off about those Chanel ballet flats I could not live without,) but I have some other things in mind for the big day…

Without further ado, Santa—here is my Christmas List:

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