The Month in Instagram: February-March 2013

I apologize for not updating this blog.  A lot has happened over the past month, causing me to juggle and re-evaluate my priorities.  Madame Ostrich had to fall to the wayside for awhile in order for other larger projects to come together.

Also, February is always an extremely busy month in the fashion world.  Between the shows, the parties, the after-parties, the plane hopping, the outfit changes, and still trying to work your actual job in between it becomes rather difficult to have any social life outside of fashion.  On top of Fashion Week (more like Fashion Month,) I also started my new job as the Editorial Manager at Imagine Fashion.  I was so busy I had to choose between having a social life with friends, or continuing to update Madame Ostrich.  Naturally, I chose the prior.

I am hoping to start updating again on a regular basis, but in the meantime here are a few snapshots from my month.



VIP at StyleList‘s Margarita’s & Manicures event

VIP means Alex and I enjoyed unlimited margaritas.

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The Wine Lip

The Wine Lip

Who’s that lounging, in my chair?

wine lip

I hate to say it, but winter fashion can get a little boring.  When it’s cold outside, you don’t want to wake up, you especially don’t want to walk to the subway in the snow, and it becomes so easy to slip into your favorite cozy sweater and boots every-single-day-of-the-week.

This, my friends, is why God himself created lipstick.

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Lust List: Alexander Wang Cutout Boot

Alexander Wang Cut Out Boot

Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boot available at Bergdorf Goodman 

It’s a long time since a key “of the season” piece has struck me.  I was bored by the Celine luggage tote before it became cool,  ironic sweatshirts from Kenzo and Givenchy seemed juvenile,  neon was just too passé,  and those multi-color Prada brogues? Forgetaboutit

However, Spring ’13 is now in full swing–and alas, I have found a statement piece I actually want to wear…

….for longer than just the season.

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The Week in Instagram: January 27th

February is a very busy month in the fashion world.  As many of you already know, this approaching week and the next will be New York Fashion Week.  Designers will debut their Fall ‘13 collections, editors and models will frantically run around town trying to catch cars to their next shows, street style photographers will be instantly supplied with a month’s worth of content, and there will be make up and hair spray—EVERYWHERE.

It’s a circus under those tents.

I didn’t realize until this year how busy the week before Fashion Week is.  (Everyone schedules their last minute parties!)  This past week I had 3 fashion events and two social obligations.  Going out five days in one week is exhausting—I have barely any free time to update my blog.

Well, here you have it—my week in Instagram.


Dealt a strong hand.

Sunday evening tarot reading at Courtney’s Upper East Side townhouse.  My foundation card: The Hierophant.


Snapshot of an upcoming Style Diary post.  Channeling a noir look in Prada and Emporio Armani.

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The Leather Pant


I love rock ‘n’ roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby…

Fur vest, Leather Jacket, Leather Pants, Alaia Booties

This is a relatively short post compared to my previous ones, but hey–it’s Superbowl Sunday!  For this post I’m featuring one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, my leather pants.  I bought them at a sample sale for only $80–originally over $700!

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Lust List: Marni Blouse

marni printed sateen twill blouse 

Marni Printed Sateen Twill Blouse available on Net-A-Porter

Playful and modern, Marni’s retro inspired blouse is as convertible as it is covetable.  Its vibrant punchy colors, modern sleeve length, and geometric print are right on style—making the blouse a perfect investment for both now and later. (Note: The collar’s black piping will tie in winter darks seamlessly!)

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The Week in Instagram: January 20th

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in circumstances  that test our strength of spirit.  The universe throws us a proverbial curveball, and the intensity of an obstacle becomes so great that we reach our breaking point.  We are faced with two options: we can either fight the situation and hope for a gain, or fold and count our losses.  I, my dear readers, reached my breaking point this week.

It all started on Monday.  We experienced a twenty degree drop in temperature overnight.

Then Tuesday, the temperature dropped another twenty degrees:  It was thirteen degrees outside.

Some optimists would argue that when you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.  However, my friends, the temperature continued to drop…

 By Wednesday, we experienced a low of ten degrees.

How is one to go out and be social in 10 degree weather?  I simply could not do it.  I put away my heels and dresses, bundled up in cashmere sweaters, and stayed home.

Normally I’m not one to be kept down by unfortunate circumstance, but in this incident I had reached my breaking point.

Simply put: If it is ten degrees out there is no way I am going to have fun.  You could stick me on the corner of 58th/5th with Lindsay Lohan and a thousand dollars and I would not be having fun.  I stayed inside until it finally warmed up to 30 degrees on Saturday.

So I bring you all–the week in photos, aka a collection of my friends’ interiors since I stayed home all week.


Who said you can't wear leather pants in corporate America? #ootd #leather #fur #cashmere #fashion

A “selfie” of the outfit I wore to work this past Monday.  Who says you can’t wear leather pants in corporate America?

Outfit: Scarf,  Adrienne Landau.  Sweater,  CeCe.  Pants,  Leith.

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