I’m (Still) Alive

fashion to figure keyhole sweaterVest,  Adrienne Landau.  (Similar here)   Sweater,  Fashion to Figure.  (Similar here and here.)   Pants,  Fashion to Figure.  Bag,  Saint Laurent.   Shoes,  Alexander Wang.

It’s now mid-December.  It’s been exactly 4 months since my last blog post, the longest break I’ve taken in 4 years of blogging.

Shockingly the world is still somehow turning.

I know it’s a vain and silly notion that the world will somehow unravel at its axis from a neglected blog, but so much anxiety within the blogging universe stems from the word “consistency.” 

Every blogger manual stresses the importance of consistency.  You have to blog X amount of times on the exact same day each week, or else your readers will abandon your blog, then your visits will lower and you’ll lose all of the credibility you’ve worked at for nearly half a decade.

However, I call bullshit.


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Easy Summer to Fall Transitional Dress

summer to fall dressDress,  Boohoo.  (Available in standard & plus sizes.)   Sunglasses,  Prada.  (Similar here.)   Sandals,  Asos.  (Similar here.)

With this heat wave we’ve been having in the city, it’s hard to believe fall will ever come.  I’ve never really understood how it can be 92 degrees, “feels like” 104 degrees.  Wouldn’t it just be 104 degrees?  (If you please know the technicalities of this, please advise all of us in the comments below.  I’m serious.)

However, autumn, wherever you are… I’m ready for you!

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6 Fall Jackets Your Wardrobe Needs Now


1.  Rain  |  2.  Shearling  |  3.  Trench  |  4.  Biker  |  5.  Peacoat  |  6.  Bomber

This week is normally around the time I start planning out my fall wardrobe.  Next season’s styles have just hit the shelves, making it the perfect time to browse and take note of the key pieces I want to invest in, or put on my birthday list. (It’s October 24… FYI!)

If the coat is the MVP of your winter wardrobe, a good jacket is like the Tim Duncan–it has to work well with all the other key wardrobe players.

Okay, a stretch, but let that soak in for a moment.

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August Reading


Wow, is it just me or has this year flown by?

I can’t believe it’s already August–which means it’s time to savor the last days of summer and start gearing up for my favorite season Autumn!

In preparation, I’m going to share with you in the next few days my absolute favorite pieces for the upcoming season, what to buy, and where to buy it.

Today, however, I wanted to post about some of my current reads.  For me, summer has always been about taking time to step back and learn more about the things I’m interested in.

One of the things I looked most forward to as a kid was going to the bookstore before our annual road trip to Texas and picking out the book I was going to get lost in during the drive from California.  Even though I’m not going to Texas this summer, (I went during the spring this year!) or taking a big vacation, I still love to spend my downtime learning new things and getting lost in a good book.


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Day Trip To Rockaway Beach

edit1Dress, Asos.  (Now 40% off!)  Sunglasses, Chanel.  (Similar here.)

Even if you’ve lived in New York City you’re whole life—the odds are that you haven’t seen all of it.  Just ask my boyfriend, who is Bronx born and raised.  Even after 24 years in the city, he’s still discovering hidden gems.

In fact, one of the things I like most about life in NYC is that there’s always a new adventure waiting.  You can take an hour long subway ride for only $2.75 and explore a place that’s entirely different from your neighborhood.  Each borough is full of unique landmarks, museums, parks and beaches, and each neighborhood in those boroughs has its own distinct personality and charm.

This past weekend my friend Belle, her fiancée Brendan, James, and I decided to take the A train down to Rockaway Beach.  Rockaway is James’ favorite beach in the city, and the other three of us had never visited, even though it’s only an hour and a half from Midtown.


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NSale: Major Sale Alert

Best Nordstrom Anniversary SaleTop  |  Purse  |  Hat  |  Dress Ring Slippers  |  Denim  |  Lip Kit  |  Earrings

I’ve been out of school for nearly 6 years now, but I can’t help but still get excited whenever “back to school” season comes around.  I love the feeling of newness during this time of year—when all of the stores are stocked with brand new fall trends, and everyone is eager to reinvent themselves, and trade in their flip flops and shorts for something more serious.

For me, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is always my kickoff point for fall shopping.  I use it as an opportunity to stock up on classic fall essentials like denim, leather jackets, cashmere, and boots.  It’s the best time to buy timeless investment pieces that will last you through the cold weather months and beyond.  Think of the pieces you want to define your fall wardrobe.. that’s what you want to buy during this sale.


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Surviving Summer When You’re Really, Ridiculously Pale

Pale Skin During Summer Survival Guide

Oh, the joys of having pale skin during summer!

While everyone is out and about having “fun in the sun” during summertime months, I’ve spent the past 26 years hiding in the shade, fervently reapplying sunblock.

However, there are a few tricks I’ve developed over time to help avoid the what I once thought was inevitable sunburn.  Today I’m sharing some of the products I swear by during warm weather months to keep my skin protected and burn free.


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Chic Poolside Outfit

Cheap Black Swim Cover UpCheap Black Swim Cover Up, ASOS.  (Available in standard sizes 0-14 and plus sizes 14-28.)  Tote,  Vintage (Similar here and here.)  Sunglasses,  Chanel.  (Budget friendly option here. Shoes,  Jeffrey Campbell for Free People. 

I was lucky enough to spend the holiday weekend back home in California with my family.   It was so nice catching up with friends, diving into my friend RJ’s new novel, binge watching Penny Dreadful, (Yes, I am just discovering this show.  And yes, it is nuts…) and hanging out by the pool.

I’ve never been what one would call a “summer” person.   Since I’m so pale, I try to avoid direct sunlight because I burn so easily.  Plus, as you may have assumed, I’m not really that into colors and prefer to wear black.

Cue this super chic & cheap black swim cover up from ASOSWhen I found it, I knew that it was going to be a staple for me all summer long.  First of all, it’s only $25.  Second, it’s light and airy and still has that “summery” feel—even though it’s black!



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