Tragic Tuesday with Breedlove & Chew Fu

Breedlove Tragic Tuesday

Are you in NYC?  Do you have plans Tuesday night? 

If you do—change them.  If not—you do now.

This post is seriously overdue, (I’ve been traveling here, here, here, then I ended up getting sick, and now I’m leaving for Savannah on Friday) but since the next Tragic Tuesday is TOMORROW, there’s no time like the present to talk about how awesome the last one was.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have remembered the past one.  I received about 3,225 messages asking me “Where are you?” and “This looks amazing! What is it?”  Well, now’s your chance to go.

If you’re not in the city, you might have heard of both Breedlove and Chew Fu before.  Breedlove became a household name when he opened up for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave Ball.  Chew Fu is a producer and artist behind some of the best remixes of your favorite songs. 

Each Tragic Tuesday, Chew Fu lays the beats while Breedlove performs his retro-futuristic cabaret creations—complete with unique choreography by Ljuba Castot performed by Marissa Lupp and Alex DeLeo (both from Broadway’s Wicked!) 

The recurring bill itself is impressive.  Each performer has a well established pedigree within the realm of music and performance art.  However, it’s the production and vision that truly sets Tragic Tuesday apart— going beyond the scope of what most performers bring to Arlene’s.  Breedlove’s vision is equally as ingenious as it is entertaining. With lighting, choreography, costume changes, and props, each song is transformed into a full blown narrative. 

Each month features a different opening act as well as appearances from special guests.  This past Tragic Tuesday was opened by electronic/hip hop duo Chico and Lollipop who celebrated the debut of their documentary “A Day in the Life of Fucking Greatness.”  If you ever have the chance to see them perform, I highly recommend it.  Their sets are beyond entertaining. 

This last show also had performances from Natalie Joy Johnson from Kinky Boots who performed an out of this world rendition of Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?”  as well as a surprise set with Tommy London (of The Dirty Pearls, he also promoted the show and has a solo album coming out soon!) and Brian Newman (jazz musician and incredible trumpet player best known for performing with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga on “Cheek to Cheek”)

So, there you have it.  It will be damn near the best $10 you’ll ever spend, so take my advice and GO.


Marissa Lupp

Breedlove NYC

Natalie Joy Johnson

Chew FU

Tragic Tuesday


Alex DeLeo Breedlove

Brian Newman

Breedlove Tommy London

Marissa Lupp Breedlove Alex DeLeo



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