6 Fall Jackets Your Wardrobe Needs Now


1.  Rain  |  2.  Shearling  |  3.  Trench  |  4.  Biker  |  5.  Peacoat  |  6.  Bomber

This week is normally around the time I start planning out my fall wardrobe.  Next season’s styles have just hit the shelves, making it the perfect time to browse and take note of the key pieces I want to invest in, or put on my birthday list. (It’s October 24… FYI!)

If the coat is the MVP of your winter wardrobe, a good jacket is like the Tim Duncan–it has to work well with all the other key wardrobe players.

Okay, a stretch, but let that soak in for a moment.

While we shroud ourselves in heavy coats for warmth during the winter months, the jacket, on the other hand, plays a much more versatile role.

Layering is key for transitional seasons like spring and fall.  The weather isn’t quite predictable, and if you live where I do, tends to fluctuate.  Having a great jacket on hand is almost a necessity!

As part of my collaboration with Andrew Marc, I’m sharing the 6 fall jacket styles you need in your wardrobe and why.

Now, I’m not telling you to go out and buy all 6 immediately!  The beautiful thing about a wardrobe is that it’s a collection–collections take time and aren’t meant to be purchased in one fell swoop.  It’s like a hobby, meant to bring you joy.

However, the thing that’s great about these 6 styles is that if you invest in a well-made piece, it will certainly last you for multiple seasons.

As always, it’s always better to buy something you truly love rather than owning something  for the sake of following a trend.

6 Fall Jackets Your Wardrobe Needs Now…

1.  Rain: The thing about a great rain jacket is that you can take it with you from fall into spring!  A water-repellant windbreaker is ideal for those days where it isn’t quite cold enough for a big parka, but you still need protection for the rain.  I’m a huge fan of this one since it also has adjustable draw strings at the waist, so you can wear it form fitting or loose.

2.  Shearling:  While on the pricey side, there are few things more glamorous than a shearling jacket!  Not only are they uber chic, but they are extremely warm.  It’s best to invest in one that is well made, since a high quality one can last for years and years.

3.  Trench:  Trench coats are timeless and versatile.  They look equally as good over an LBD as they do with a t-shirt, jeans, and booties.  They make an ideal cornerstone piece for any wardrobe since they’re great for transition seasons like fall and spring, and go with nearly everything!

4.  Biker:  This has to be the one style of jacket I wear the most.  Nothing is cooler than a classic leather biker, and I love how luxurious this leather and calf hair one is.

5.  Peacoat:  Another timeless style, a wool peacoat is practically a necessity for those chilly, late fall days.  As a plus, its double breasted style makes for a figure flattering look!

6.  Bomber:  Spring’s outerwear du jour is still going strong into fall!  It’s no wonder bombers are having a major moment among the fashion and celebrity set–they look great styled with your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Have a favorite style? Let me know in the comments below?



Created in Partnership with Andrew Marc.


  1. August 8, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    Although I’ve always loved and wanted a good trench coat, I am crazy about the Biker jacket! I’ve wanted a leather jacket for as long as I can remember! :)

  2. Elle
    August 8, 2016 / 10:06 pm

    Love the bomber and shearling! Yes, you have the outerwear covered! Perfectly! Now can you make is so we need none of those coats for a full month?
    xx, Elle

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