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Saint Laurent SS'16 Men's Collection

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Have I mentioned lately how much I need an embellished leather jacket?

Although silhouettes were business as usual at Saint Laurent’s SS’16 Men’s Collection—simple, slim bottoms paired with with chunky sweaters, boxy jackets and an abundance of layers on top— I have to say, this was certainly one of Slimane’s more colorful collections.

Leopard, plaid, ‘70s-hued foulard, leather, fair isle, tie dye, hawaiian prints, camouflage.  If it graced our sartorial lexicon within the past 40 years, it made an appearance in Sunday’s show.

Saint Laurent SS'16 Men's CollectionImages via

Known as a master amalgamator, Slimane’s past collections for Saint Laurent have undeniably been mishmashes of recycled ideas from decades past, repurposed in the form of modern silhouettes and updated, luxe fabrics.

However, in the past Slimane tended to compartmentalize these concepts.  This collection appears to have blended them all together in one very confusing, yet strangely wearable collection.

I suppose if “what’s old” is really new, Slimane has beat us to the punch.  Again.

Saint Laurent SS'16 Men's CollectionImages via

Now, excuse me while I go hide all of my leopard scarves so my boyfriend won’t get into them.

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  1. Elle
    June 28, 2015 / 7:54 pm

    I personally love a somewhat all encompassing , confusing line… sort of a genius strategy .. Love this capsule, I would urge my guy to buy and then barrow them for me ( if they would fit!)
    Nicely done Madame!
    xx, Elle

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