Lez Zeppelin Rocks John Varvatos’ Bowery Flagship

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity of seeing Lez Zeppelin perform at John Varvatos’ Bowery Live.  I had heard the hype surrounding the tribute band, but never had the opportunity to actually hear them.

Lez Zeppelin John Varvatos

After seeing the show, I have to say that the ladies of Lez Zeppelin are the type of girls you secretly pretend to be while air guitaring around your room and singing in the mirror.  They are hands down, the coolest all girl group out there.

Here’s why…

They’re talented—Have you HEARD Shannon’s powerful vocals, Leesa’s energetic yet technical delivery, Megan’s soulful riffs, or Steph’s obscene command of not only 6, but 12 strings?  Plus that weird you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it transistor thing that happens during their rendition of Whole Lotta Love?  Guys all over the Lower East Side wish they could play that well.

They’re gorgeous—I mean, let’s talk about great hair.

They’re socially aware—The band headlined a concert in Mumbai to raise medical funding for victims of the 2009 terrorist bombings.

They have great taste in music—They’re a Led Zeppelin tribute band.  Need I say more?

They’re downright cool—The girls have style and attitude in spades.  They own their carefree vibe, and perform enthusiastically and authentically.

They’re the real deal—Un-conforming style, unabashed feminism, and unapologetic rock n’ roll at its finest.  These ladies make me proud to be a female.

It was only natural that  John Varvatos—an advocate for the appreciation of rock’s influence on fashion and art—asked the band to perform at his flagship store (ahem.. CBGB’s).  The band brought down the house with energetic performance of Zeppelin classics, while the crowd chugged tequila and Heineken.  It was a match made in heaven.

Haven’t heard them yet?  Check out this video of them performing Dazed and Confused at John Varvatos:

You’ll definitely want to see them when they come to your town, so check out the band’s Facebook page to get updates on their tour!



Image courtesy of Lez Zeppelin Facebook Page via Rick Edwards



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