Dallas in DVF

DVF Jewel Wrap DressDress,  DVF.  Sunglasses,  Asos.   Bag,  Saint Laurent.  Shoes,  Renvy.  (Also worn here!)


I was fortunate to spend this past weekend in Dallas on a work trip with my company.  (You check out all of the photos on my instagram!)  

Dallas is such a beautiful city—its perfectly manicured lawns, expansive blue skies, and flat land are practically another world from NYC.

Not to mention, the warm, welcoming people who live there.  Not a single person appeared inconvenienced when we asked them for help, which is very unlike New York where everyone is in a rush to get somewhere.

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Feeling Blue

BLOUSE.   Choies Blue Denim Long Sleeve Crop Top
SKIRT.   Topshop Moto Button Front A-Line Skirt
JUMPSUIT.   A.P.C. Texas Denim Jumpsuit
SUNGLASSES.   Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer
WEDGES.   Barney’s New York Denim Wedge Espadrille
DRESS.   Gap 1969 Linen Denim Shirtdress
CLUTCH.   Stella McCartney Falabella Denim Embroidered Crossbody


This is not a drill.

It started sometime around 2010— Fashionistas everywhere took a liking to chambray shirts, freeing the Canadian Tuxedo from its “Dad on an Early ’90s Sitcom” stereotype.

Nearly 5 years later, denim is back with a vengeance impervious to its previous typecasts.  Skirts, blouses, dresses, shoes, jumpsuits— if you can wear it, chances are you can also get it in several shades of denim this season.

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Lace Up Flats

Lace Up Flats

This comes with little surprise, but walking is a huge part of life in New York.

We walk everywhere— to the subway, from the subway, to get our groceries, to go to work, to meet up with friends, to go to the movies.  While running errands we buy what we can carry, or suck it up and pay the extra $15 for same day delivery.

This being said, I go through flats like crazy.  There gets to a certain point where (no matter how well they are made) they just give out and no longer support my feet.

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YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils


I’m practically a disciple of YSL.

Whether it’s the Saint Laurent fashion line, the YSL beauty brand, or anything related to the late genius himself– if something bears those three magic letters, I want it all over me like LV on an early 2000′s Paris Hilton.

So, it goes without saying that I was thrilled when the brand invited me to review their Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara.  Dubbed the “original false lash effect mascara,” the product boasts the ability to lengthen lashes from root to tip while conditioning them with its unique B5 pro-vitamin formula.

After trying it for four full-day wears, here’s what I have to say…

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Celebrating Women’s Leadership with Max Mara


Last night I went to Max Mara’s event celebrating United Way of NYC’s Women’s Leadership Council.  The event was held at their flagship on 68th and Madison and featured a string trio, champagne and shopping as well as the opportunity to mingle with the influential thought leaders on UWNYC’s leadership council.

I have a lot of respect for Max Mara for choosing to sponsor the UWNYC.  You can tell a lot about a brand’s values from the events they sponsor, and the philanthropies they choose to participate in.

It’s so easy within the fashion world to get so caught up in the fantasy of beautiful things, when in all actuality there are people struggling to make ends meet literally blocks away from the gilded stores on Madison Avenue.

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About That Lane Bryant Ad


Am I the only one who feels like there’s something a little bit off with the new Lane Bryant Cacique campaign?

Yes, the campaign is marketed as pro body diversity, spreading the message that all sizes deserve the label of “sexy” within mainstream culture.  One of the models in the commercial asks “How boring would it be if we were all the same?”  Similarly, the campaign’s landing page states, “The women who wear Cacique know that sexy comes in many shapes and sizes.” 

However, if the ad only features six women with very similar body types how does that make it any more diverse than the Victoria’s Secret campaign it deliberately takes a jab at?

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