The Best Columbus Day Sale Is…

banana republic columbus day sale

This weekend kicks off what I like to call, “sale season.”  

Following Columbus Day, there’s a string of big retail sales: Veterans Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, After Christmas, and then “Winter Sales” which close the season.  I always say that these few months are the best time to get great fall and winter pieces for a fraction of the price.

Banana Republic has, by far, the best sale I’ve seen this weekend.  Select items are 50% off, and the rest of the store is 40% off!  Just use the code BRSAVE through Tuesday.


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Old Shirt, New Tricks

Off The Shoulder Button Up ShirtShirt, Madonna & Co. (Similar here, & here.)   Skirt, c/o Fashion To Figure.   Belt, Linea Pelle.   Clutch, c/o Fashion To Figure.   Shoes, Asos.

It’s a true but unfortunate reality that many of us don’t have an endless closet that constantly replenishes itself with new trends.  When we get bored with our wardrobe, we have to improvise and find new ways to make our old items look fresh.

After all, one of the reasons personal style blogs are so successful is because people are always looking for new ways to style their favorite pieces. It’s refreshing to see the creative ways in which bloggers can make an outfit look high end with a minimal budget.


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Birthday Wishlist

BIRTHDAY LISTPerfume  |  Pendant  |  Blazer  |  Candle  |  Pump  |  Mug  |  Bag  |  Lipstick  |  Dress

Oh, it’s finally October!

October is my favorite month, mainly because it’s my birthday month!

I’m a total kid when it comes to my birthday.  Even though I’m probably at the age where I should start “dreading” my birthday, I still get excited for it every year.  After all, birthdays are the perfect excuse to hang out with friends and family, and enjoy the things you love most.

Some of my family members were asking what I wanted for my birthday so I thought it might be fun to share it with you guys.  (Being a blogger and all, I’m supposed to share everything I eat and wear, so why not share what I want as well?!)

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Taking Black & Brown Seriously

Fall Black ShirtdressDress, Asos. (Similar here with more sizes.)   Sunglasses, Dior. (Similar versions here and here.)   Bag, Saint Laurent. Shoes, Topshop.

As a child I thought black paired with brown was the worst color combination possible.  (Yellow and brown, too.  However that sentiment still rings true.)

I suppose it’s similar to developing a palate for caviar or champagne.  As I get older I’m beginning to re-think old axioms.  It doesn’t hurt that the 70s trend resurgence has brought with it an abundance of stunning and unconventional color pairings– rust with mustard, Bordeaux with rust, tan and mustard.

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Spotlight On: Harbison

harbison ss16 7

Looking back on the NYFW events I attended, Harbison’s presentation at the Standard Hotel had to be one of my favorites.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous. The floor to ceiling windows provided a tremendous view of the Manhattan skyline, and the late afternoon sun made everything shine golden. Opposite, an ocean scene projected onto the wall, setting the perfect backdrop of Harbison’s surf influenced collection.

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Lounge Act

Free People Secret Origins Pieced Lace TunicDress,  Free People Secret Origins Pieced Lace Tunic.

There is no luxury greater than spending a weekend lounging around, doing nothing.

I’m one of those people who is always in go, go, go mode.  It may seem slightly masochistic, but I’m happiest when my schedule is jam packed.  I’m lucky since I enjoy both my day job and my blogging/freelance work, so working around the clock doesn’t always feel like work.  The day will fly by, and all of a sudden I’ll look at the clock and it will be two in the morning.

However, when I do rest, I also do it in extremes—preferring to spend my days off doing absolutely NOTHING.

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Crash Shift at Arlene’s Grocery

crash shift 9

Last week I saw my boyfriend’s band, Crash Shift, play their debut show at Arlene’s Grocery!

If you’ve been reading MO for awhile or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that James is the blonde on guitar.  Our friend Durst Breneiser (who is also an amazing photographer) plays bass, and Carl Veith is on drums.

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Rare Trends Trunk Show at Madonna & Co.

Madonna & Co. Soho

Last week Madonna & Co., held a trunk show for up and coming Austin based brand, Rare Trends.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Madonna & Co.  Their owner Geralynn has a great eye for finding unique pieces at a solid price point from up and coming brands.  (As well as creating pieces for their in house label!) So, I knew that if it was a brand they’re buying, I’d definitely love it.

Rare Trends definitely not disappoint.

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