Love Fashion? You Should Probably Know This Designer

One whole week has already passed and I’m still thinking about one particular look from Harbison’s SS’15 collection.   It’s the perfect suit–glamorous, sophisticated and functional at the same time–a pinstripe pantsuit with a tailored long-line blazer and ‘70s inspired wide leg pants..  The kind of suit that would have made Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn swoon.

Harbison SS'15 NYFW

In fact, all of Harbison’s collection was swoon-worthy, especially the  structural outerwear in unexpected blocks of red, navy, black, ice blue, and mustard.  Originally an architecture student, Charles Harbison’s master of proportion and shape has put his designs on the radars of both VOGUE and some of the world’s most prestigious boutiques.  You know if Vogue think’s he’s one to look out for, he has to be something special.

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Meet SoHo’s Best Kept Secret

With mega chains sitting on every corner, it’s really hard to find unique clothing in NYC.  It’s even harder to find unique clothing that won’t drain your bank account. This is why I was thrilled when Madonna & Co. invited me to come in and shop their boutique.
Madonna & Co. NYC

The shop is tucked away right in the heart of SoHo’s best shopping, and features a great selection of fashion forward clothes & accessories that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.  The boutique features modern black and white decor with plush monochromatic oversized chairs, and a fashion-inspired artwork on the walls.  Merchandise is expertly incorporated into the ambience and is artfully hung on walls and mannequins.  There’s also an entire jewelry closet next to the cash register that would make even the least “girly” girl swoon.

The store’s founder Geralynn finds unique creations from up-and-coming designers, amazing vintage accessories from designers like Chanel & Prada, and also as creates pieces for the store’s own label. Not only are the styles different, but they’re also very well crafted and don’t have the extreme mark up that most boutiques have.  Most pieces fall within the $150 range which is extremely good considering that most of what stores like Zara carry runs around $75, and only can be worn for one season.  Madonna & Co. carries the kind of wardrobe investments that you’ll love season after season.

Not planning on coming to SoHo?  No worries!  They just launched their online store and have a good variety of their product up there.

Check out some of my favorites from the boutique…


This The Hi-Lo Poet Shirt shirt is absolute PERFECTION.  It reminds me of something that would be from Alexander McQueen, but it’s a fraction of the price!  (It’s only $150!)


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I Thought I Didn’t Want To Go To Fashion Week

In my seven seasons attending NYFW, this is the first time I’ve gone as a civilian. …And I feel strange.

When people ask “What do you do?” (which is practically the polite way of asking “What did you do that warrants receiving tickets to this show?”)  I feel self-conscious, almost ashamed when I respond, “I have a blog.”


It’s not because I’m ashamed of having a blog.  Hell, it’s safe to say that I love my blog.  However, the rise of the street style “circus” has caused many industry veterans to decipher “I have a blog” as code for “I’m an imposter.  I don’t belong here, and I’m taking up a seat at an event where space is a luxury.”

After spilling out those dreaded four words I always amend my answer, and tell them my day job as well.

Their attention then piques.

I made the leap from fashion to beauty this June.  I work for, in what is my opinion, one of the best skincare brands in the world.  However, my career switch didn’t come without a few regrets.  When I shelved my stilettos I knew attending fashion week would be one of the things I’d miss the most about working in the industry.

Although it may be hard to believe, I loved every moment of being at fashion week.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Wait—What do you mean by ‘hard to believe?’  Isn’t attending fashion week every girl’s dream?”

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Unravelling the Corset: Part 1

For the longest time, Spanx seemed too good to be true.

Yes, they’re uncomfortable, difficult to put on, even harder to take off, and (last but not least) downright unsexy…but no one had to know that.  With Spanx, looking your best is as simple as putting on a pair of oversized underwear— you could smooth out lumps and bumps, and look thinner without any exercise or surgery.

However, if a product seems too good to be true, it’s probably because it is.

history of corset

After years of being marketed as a “miracle” garment, reality finally set in.

In January, the Huffington Post published an article called “Spanx are Literally Squeezing Your Organs,” that exposed the health hazards of elasticized shape wear.  Researchers made claims that Spanx and other types of compression wear were realigning women’s internal organs, cutting off circulation, and leading to an abundance of health complications including tingling extremities, blood clots, and obscure skin infections.

As a result, a shapewear exposé swept the internet. The same publishers who once sang the praises of Sarah Blake’s female-empowering empire, now accused her creation of frivolously siding with “fashion” over health.

Could it be that Spanx–the great liberator from the torturous corsets and girdles of yore–is altering women’s bodies in the very same way as the devices it tried to distance itself from?

History of the Corset

Corset Orchard Corset CS-411 (now on sale!),  Dress  Asos,  Fascinator Custom Made (similar here),  Shoes  Christian Louboutin  (cheap here + expensive here).

It’s common knowledge that history repeats itself, and this story sounds all too familiar.

Remember the corset?  Let’s talk about it.

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