Master of Puppets


Does anyone else find “lifestyle” imagery ridiculous?

You’ve seen it before— An image of a girl sitting on bed with knee high socks (you can only see her legs though), a computer, a cup of coffee, and random jewelry sitting next to her.  A well coiffed and high heeled young mom chasing after a toddler… on the beach.  A perfume bottle carefully displayed next to a stack of fashion photography books and a vase of fresh hydrangeas.

Yes, these images are lovely to look at, but do they really tell you anything about the person’s actual lifestyle?

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Thoughtful Gifts for The Ones You Forgot to Think About

gifts under 25

ONE.  A printed photo is even better in a fabulous frame 
TWO.  These zodiac candles are both thoughtful, and cool 
THREE.  Any hostess would love to receive this sophisticated stationary 
FOUR.  My personal favorite… obviously 
FIVE.  Glitzy nail polish makes a luxurious stocking stuffer 
SIX.  Quirky & fun state mugs are perfect for the out-of-state transplant 
SEVEN.  Subtle studs are not only on-trend, but are also ladylike and festive 
EIGHT.  A Kate Spade notebook for the fashionable dreamer 

The holidays are so busy, sometimes you just can’t remember everyone you need to shop for– and that’s okay… as long as you’re remembering right now.

To make things easier I chose some of my favorite gifts online for under $25.

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Does Anyone Else Still Read Books?


I love reading. 

Whether a paper bound book, an online news article, or reading wikipedia on my phone before going to bed — it doesn’t matter the medium — I love learning news things, and the most enjoyable way for me to do so is through reading.

Unfortunately, coming to the realization that our culture is changing, and text is becoming obsolete in favor of images or videos, has been difficult for me to accept.

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Indian Summer

Tigerlily Fringe Kimono Dress

Weather in Southern California is always warm relative to most of the US, but this week was really, really ridiculously warm.  On Thanksgiving it was nearly 90 degrees in some parts of Orange County!  Needless to say, this was a sharp change from the mini blizzard that delayed my flight 4 hours on Wednesday night.

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ASOS Black Friday Starts NOW!

My favorite Black Friday sale has already started!

This weekend ASOS is offering 30% off your entire order!  Just use code TGIBF at checkout.

ASOS Black Friday Sale

If you haven’t heard of ASOS yet, they’re on an online retailer that sells over 850 brands, as well as their own ASOS brand.  ASOS also has a great selection of plus size, tall, petite and maternity clothing.

Be sure to head over there soon since items are already selling out!  Keep on reading for my favorite picks!

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