Tied Up

Leopard Silk Scarf

I don’t think calling Miuccia Prada a prophet would be too radical a claim– especially while discussing the direction women’s dressing has taken the past three decades.  It’s no secret that where Prada goes, the fashion world follows.  One could label her a “visionary” in the sense that whatever she creates one season tends to magically appear the next… everywhere.  I will swear up and down that (regrettably) Prada’s SS’12 collection is SOLELY responsible for the resurgence of the crop top–even though the trend didn’t really catch on until the 2013 collections. Prada always has her finger directly on fashion’s pulse– giving consumers exactly what they want before they know they want it.  It’s undeniable that Prada’s originality has dictated so many of the trends we wear season after season.

Leopard SIlk Scarf

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The 20 Second Style Savior

It’s a story all too familiar– you have a closet overfilling with clothes, and absolutely nothing to wear.

Let’s face it, we’ve all felt that way at some point– even the most fashion-unconscious of us.  After awhile you just run out of “inspiration” and find yourself grabbing the same pieces over and over again.  (For me it’s black skinny jeans, black flats and whatever shirt is clean that fits.)

However, what if I told you that I finally found a solution to remedy this problem — and it takes less than 20 seconds of your time to do?

Audrey Hepburn Lipstick


Before you hop on Rent the Runway in pursuit of another LBD, let me suggest to you this one trick…

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Need A Distraction?

It’s that time of the season again!  Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale and is offering 25% off of all orders!  Use code:  FAMILY25 at checkout!


Dress  //  Blouse  //  Tunic


I selected some of my favorite sale items that are perfect for both transitioning easily from work day to night time events, and as mixing and matching with pieces I already have in my wardrobe. For instance, a great wrap top can look sleek and professional with a pencil skirt, but also give a great rocker vibe when paired with leather leggings.


It’s so important to shop with the “full picture” of your wardrobe in mind.  Although something may be uber trendy, it’s best to think about how often you’ll actually wear it when evaluating if you should make the purchase or not.



Sunglasses  //  Clutch  //  Earrings  //  Boots


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You, You, You Oughta Know

As Heraclitus put it some 2,500 years ago, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

Although the “constant of change” has been business as usual since 500 B.C., Heraclitus’ observation is more pertinent now than ever.  In this day and age, largely due to technological advancements, changes occur more quickly than ever.

central park

In less esoteric terms, as a wise friend of mine once put it, “You gotta roll with the changes, before the changes roll over you.”

In order to remain current (and ultimately relevant) we have to continuously adapt to our surroundings, whether that’s through small aesthetic improvements like a new outfit, or joining the newest social networking platform.

All of this being said — some changes have been happening (all good things!) that I thought I should share with you.

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