Cyber Monday Steals

Cyber Monday Style Deals

Red Dress – 25% off, use code FUNDAY  |  Earrings – 30% off, use code SHINE  |  Sunglasses – 25% off, no code necessary  |  Make Up Brushes – 20% off, no code necessary  |  Gloves –  25% off + additional 25% off  |  Headband – 21% off, use code RSTYLE21  |  Black Dress – 15% off, use code CYBER25  |  Booties – 47% off, no code necessary  |  Lipstick – 20% off, no code necessary  |  Robe – 25% off, no code necessary  |  Bag – 10% off when you sign up for mailing list  |  Ring – 25% off, no code necessary  |  Boots – 45% off + additional 25% off with code CYBER25

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather do all of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own bed in your pajamas with a glass of wine. Black Friday was just the beginning—there are even deeper discounts now with Cyber Monday!

To make it easier, I rounded up some of my favorite picks above, as well as all of the best deals. To see them keep on reading…


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The Best Black Friday Deals!

black friday 2015Top,  Kate SpadeCurrently 55% off at Nordstrom through Sunday!   Skirt & Shoes,  Asos – Currently 30% off with code BLESSED. 

Why leave your home this weekend when all of the best deals are online?!  Many of them have already started (but a few don’t start until tomorrow!) so I’ve gathered for you some of my favorite deals!

Happy shopping!

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The New Bodycon

Bodycon Chic Gray Sweater DressDress,  c/o Fashion to Figure.  Scarf,  Adrienne Landau.  (Similar here.  Tights,  Wolford.   Shoes,  Asos.  Bag,  Saint Laurent.  (Similar style here.)

Let’s face it.  We’re all a little grateful that the days of wearing bandage dresses and 5 inch heels on any given Saturday are long gone and done.  Like trucker hats and velour track suits, the Herve Leger-esque bodycon has become a relic of the past, a faint memory relegated to reality stars past.

Just when we thought the trend had reached its final resting place, the bodycon manages to re-emerge from the dark side of fashion in its newest incarnation… the sweaterdress.

However, fear not.  You don’t have to look like Kendall Jenner to pull off the trend.  Unlike the bandage dress, the bodycon sweaterdress is much friendlier and far more subtle.


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Power Dressing

Leather Skirt Lace Up PumpsTop, Asos.   Skirt,  Asos.  (Different color here, similar option here.)   Bag,  Saint Laurent.  Shoes,  Call It Spring.  (Also available in black.)  Sunglasses,  Chanel.

Personally, if I’m working on writing or doing my day job, I’d rather be comfortable and focus entirely on the task at hand. However, there’s still something to be said for the age old expression, “if you look good, you feel good.” 

Stepping outside in an outfit that perfectly suits your aesthetic, fits immaculately and that you feel comfortable in is the ultimate confidence booster.

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Shear(ling) Bliss

Asos Cozy Faux Shearling VestAsos Vest & Top.

One of my favorite things about fashion’s ‘70s resurgence (well actually there rare many things…) is that shearling has made a huge comeback the past few seasons.

The perfect shearling piece lends any outfit a devil may care, rocker vibe a la Almost Famous.  Is it just me, or did anyone else grow up wanting to look like Penny Lane?


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Studded Sweaterdress

Red Hair StuddedDress,  Asos.  (Petite sizes also  available.)   Boots,  Stuart Weitzman.  (Cheaper version here.)

I’m not into the whole designer collaborations with mainstream brands thing.

Maybe that makes me a bit of a snob, but it just doesn’t make sense to me that you’d want to own something so identifiable. Even if I’m buying a designer piece, I want it to be timeless so I can enjoy it for a long time without it looking dated or cheesy.

But why am I talking about this?


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What is Singles Day, and Why Should You Care?

What is Singles Day and Why Does it Matter?

Singles Day is like the Black Friday of China… but better.

Although celebrations of Singles Day started on Chinese college campuses in the ‘90s, it became a shopping event when e-tailer Alibaba started an Anti-Valentine’s Day sale in 2009. Since then, Singles Day has grown larger and larger each year and is beginning to have a global presence.

According to BBC, over one billion dollars worth of merchandise was sold within 8 minutes of the midnight kick off time this year. To put that in perspective, the US spent a little over one billion in 24 hours. Absolutely insane.

So, I know some of you may be asking “Okay, so why does this matter?” but the thing is, even if you’re not in China there are two ways you can reap the benefits of Singles Day.

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Bodysuits? Hear Me Out…

Fashion to Figure Bodysuit & Leopard ClutchBodysuit,  c/o Fashion to Figure.  (Similar here and here.)   Skirt,  Asos.   Shoes,  Aldo.   Tights,  Leg Avenue.  (Similar here and here.)   Clutch,  c/o Fashion to Figure.  (Similar here and here.)

One of the many great ironies of fashion is that the classic white button down is one of the most high maintenance pieces to style.

Sure, it’s a timeless style, but think about it—it wrinkles easily, gapes at the chest, bunches up when you tuck it in, will come untucked if you move in the slightest, and is completely unforgiving if you’re a perpetual spiller like I am.

Yes, a crisp white shirt may look nice, but unfortunately many of us do not have the ability to stay in one place all day. Our clothing has to look equally as nice when we’re on the move.

This is where the bodysuit comes into play.


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